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A Guide to B2B Content Success: Experimentation, Customer Expectations, and Generative AI

At a recent Bynder event, Phyllis Davidson, VP principal analyst at Forrester, shared valuable insights to help marketers and CMOs enhance their content strategies and effectively engage with their target audiences.

During the live session, Davidson emphasized the importance of experimentation in leveraging new technology to optimize content creation, activation, and delivery. Moving beyond simple A/B testing, she encouraged nuanced experimentation, such as testing different interactions, content variations, and delivery methods, while incorporating progressive profiling and omnichannel activation. This approach, based on data-driven insights and customer feedback, ensures content remains compelling, relevant, and impactful.


As B2B customers increasingly expect consumer-style experiences, marketers are progressing from basic personalization to customization and contextualization. This shift fosters better engagement and value exchange between organizations and their audience. To meet these changing expectations, businesses should provide valuable content upfront to build trust and establish themselves as industry experts.


Generative AI is revolutionizing the content lifecycle, offering possibilities for B2B organizations. By auto-tagging content, streamlining workflows, orchestrating personalized content experiences, and monitoring performance, AI enhances content management. The emergence of generative AI enables businesses to deliver personalized, relevant content at scale, freeing marketers from repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on strategy and analysis.


To succeed in B2B content, marketers should embrace experimentation, adapt to evolving customer expectations, and harness generative AI. Experimentation refines content strategies, meeting customer needs fosters trust and engagement, and AI streamlines content creation for personalized experiences. By incorporating these insights, marketers can navigate the future of B2B content successfully and drive meaningful engagement with their audiences.

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