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Apple’s ‘Pay the Apple Way’ campaign highlights the company’s global finance ambitions.

In response to the introduction of various consumer-oriented payment functionalities earlier this year, Apple is intensifying its commitment to fintech with the launch of the “Pay the Apple Way” campaign.

Apple's 'Pay the Apple Way' campaign highlights the company's global finance ambitions.

This campaign aims to highlight the user-friendly nature of its Pay feature, while also potentially promoting other payment tools recently introduced by the company. One such tool is the high-yield savings account tailored for Apple Card users, which was unveiled in April and has amassed over $10 billion in deposits. Additionally, Apple initiated the gradual rollout of its buy now, pay later program in March.


“Pay the Apple Way” intends to offer a solution to the inconveniences associated with traditional financial transactions, such as the bulkiness of physical wallets, the challenge of locating the right payment card, and concerns about privacy. Apple is showcasing the convenience of its Pay feature, which allows direct payments from Apple devices, through a dynamic and immersive digital-out-of-home (DOOH) experience. The campaign will be featured in prominent outdoor locations in cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester in the UK, as well as Atlanta and Dallas in the U.S. The advertisements will convey straightforward messages like “Your watch is your wallet” and “Pay the secure way.”


Further marketing reinforcement will arise from collaborations with various content creators on TikTok, each of whom will be tasked with addressing the question “Is it possible to _____ with Apple Pay?” This initiative aims to stimulate discussions regarding the efficiency of Apple Pay’s contactless transactions, according to information from official releases. Employing TikTok for this activation could facilitate Apple’s engagement with the upcoming generation of digitally native consumers, many of whom are receptive to innovative technology, as the company seeks to expand its user base.


In addition to its new campaign, Apple is set to launch its latest software update, iOS 17, in September. This update will bring a range of enhancements focused on personalization for apps like Phone, Messages, and FaceTime, along with introducing new privacy features that could present challenges for marketers.


In its second fiscal quarter of 2023, Apple reported a 3% decline in year-over-year revenue, reaching a total of $94.8 billion. Despite the drop, this figure exceeded expectations on Wall Street, which CEO Tim Cook attributed to stronger-than-anticipated iPhone sales. Apple is anticipated to disclose its fiscal Q3 earnings on August 3 after the market closes.

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