Arab Musketeers

In 2021, Adidas took a unique approach to launch its period-proof activewear by addressing a significant issue affecting young girls’ participation in sports.

Recognizing that one in four girls drop out of sport due to a lack of products and resources to manage their menstrual cycles, Adidas partnered with sports scientist Dr Georgie Bruinvels and agency Hill+Knowlton Strategies to create a powerful solution. They developed the (PE)riod Lesson Plan, a comprehensive resource offered for free to schools, parents, […]

A Guide to B2B Content Success: Experimentation, Customer Expectations, and Generative AI

At a recent Bynder event, Phyllis Davidson, VP principal analyst at Forrester, shared valuable insights to help marketers and CMOs enhance their content strategies and effectively engage with their target audiences. During the live session, Davidson emphasized the importance of experimentation in leveraging new technology to optimize content creation, activation, and delivery. Moving beyond simple […]

How Brands Can Embrace the AI Revolution

The ongoing AI revolution, exemplified by innovations like ChatGPT, has had a significant impact across multiple industries. As AI technologies evolve, businesses need to prepare and leverage their potential for maximum value. AI’s Silent Influence Artificial intelligence has quietly been reshaping our digital experiences, from personalized product recommendations on Amazon to Meta’s sophisticated ad targeting. […]