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The ‘Barbie’ AI selfie generator has 13 million users.

The entertaining experience, which was provided before of the film’s premiere, drew the attention of superstars such as Rihanna and Pedro Pascal.   The success of Warner Bros. and PhotoRoom’s “Barbie” selfie-generator demonstrates how marketers continue to look to the hype surrounding AI as a means of capturing the attention of consumers, and its success […]

What can marketers learn from Wilko’s failure?

Gordon Young, editor-in-chief and co-founder of The Drum, reacts to the news that retailer Wilko is on the verge of bankruptcy. Where did everything go wrong? I’m sorry to learn that the well-known UK bargain store Wilko is about to go bankrupt. Some would argue that the possible failure is a typical example of a […]

Why are luxury companies such as Prada and Burberry venturing into sports?

Luxury brands are growing more prominent in the realm of sports sponsorship. Last month, Prada announced a partnership with the Chinese women’s soccer squad for this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.  Able Made, a soccer-inspired lifestyle business, collaborated with luxury fashion house Burberry to launch a soccer gear range made from repurposed Burberry textiles. Meanwhile, […]