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Coca-Cola acknowledges ‘world-class marketing’ for increasing its growth prediction.

The giant in the soft drinks industry attributes its improved financial outlook to strategies that have reduced barriers for entry through price-pack structures and digital business-to-business platforms, leading to an increase in projected organic revenue for 2023. The Coca-Cola Company has asserted that its endeavors to elevate marketing efforts are yielding positive results, which is […]

Faces Are the New Logos in the World of Creator Brands

I’m certain you’re familiar with the concept that “a logo doesn’t constitute a brand,” but it certainly serves as its representation. Logos were created to identify and set apart products and companies in the physical world. For instance, you might spot McDonald’s at the nearest service station, Nike on your fitness instructor’s shirt, or Signal […]

Choosing one tactic at a time is the best marketing strategy.

Contrary to what you may believe, you do not need to be everywhere at the same time. It’s easy to grow overwhelmed when faced with seemingly limitless possibilities.   Most business owners are under constant pressure to manage various social media accounts, email sequences, public relations activities, and so on. It’s enough to give anyone […]

Employees Would Rather Quit Than Advocate for a Brand in Which They Have No Faith.

Employees appear to be a natural choice to begin with when discussing brand advocacy. People trust other people, and employees are recognized to be more trustworthy than a firm or brand. As a result, many companies actively encourage their employees to be brand advocates by promoting the company’s products to their friends, family, and the […]

Opting Out Provides a Chance for Your Brand to Build Empathy

Christina Tosi created a sugar empire with her bakeshops and e-commerce business, Milk Bar. Tosi discussed the “goodness” inside Milk Bar in an interview with the Female Founders Fund. It’s a company founded by people for people. Everything in the brand is human, from the product pricing to the bakery design. The Milk Bar brand’s […]