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Elon Musk: Twitter undergoes a rebranding, adopting the name “X” and phasing out its iconic blue bird logo.

Elon Musk has spearheaded Twitter’s brand and logo transformation, replacing the iconic blue bird with the letter “X.” The new white X on a black background has taken over the desktop version of the platform, while the mobile app is yet to feature the new logo.

According to Elon Musk, “tweets” will be replaced with “x’s,” aligning with his vision of creating a “super app” called X—a unique social media platform he has been discussing for months. As part of the rebranding, Mr. Musk changed his profile picture to the new logo and added “” to his Twitter bio.


This change has been long overdue, according to the billionaire, who renamed the company X Corp. In a recent Twitter Spaces audio chat, he confirmed the logo would change. Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s new chief executive, expressed excitement about the rebrand, viewing it as an opportunity to take Twitter’s impact on communication further.


The bird, affectionately named Larry, was originally a tribute to basketball star Larry Bird, but its departure from the logo has been met with mixed reactions. Some mourned the loss of the familiar blue bird, including Martin Grasser, the designer of the logo in 2012.


Elon Musk’s aspiration for X to become an “everything app” aligns with the success of super-apps in Asia, such as WeChat and Moj, which offer a wide range of services. Nevertheless, some experts caution that Musk faces an uphill battle, given the already-established alternatives in the market.


While the rebranding is ambitious, it could pose some security risks, as it might attract phishing attempts from cyber-criminals. The rapid rebranding may also pose challenges in winning over the older, loyal Twitter user base.


Elon Musk’s affinity for the letter X has been evident in various endeavors, from his early online banking platform to his artificial intelligence start-up xAI, which aims to compete with ChatGPT. The obsession with X remains a mystery to many.

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