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In 2021, Adidas took a unique approach to launch its period-proof activewear by addressing a significant issue affecting young girls’ participation in sports.

Recognizing that one in four girls drop out of sport due to a lack of products and resources to manage their menstrual cycles, Adidas partnered with sports scientist Dr Georgie Bruinvels and agency Hill+Knowlton Strategies to create a powerful solution.

They developed the (PE)riod Lesson Plan, a comprehensive resource offered for free to schools, parents, and coaches. The plan not only explained the physiological changes during menstruation but also demonstrated how these changes could be harnessed positively through sport. By equipping young girls with the necessary knowledge about their bodies and offering guidance on nutrition and exercise during their cycles, Adidas aimed to keep more girls and women engaged in sports.


The impact of this initiative was far-reaching. The (PE)riod Lesson Plan was translated into 20 languages and distributed globally to schools, sports clubs, and NGOs. The launch was amplified through collaboration with leading sporting bodies, and a Twitter thread about the project became Adidas’ most successful organic post of the year.


The success extended beyond social media engagement. On the launch day, the period-proof activewear sold out, and the campaign garnered over 1,000 pieces of media coverage in 20 countries, reaching an astonishing 6.7 billion people. Adidas also outperformed a key competitor’s app focused on menstruation by achieving a remarkable 6,663% rise in engagement.


Moreover, leading athletes and sports figures recognized the importance of the (PE)riod Lesson Plan, resulting in more than 200 social clippings and mentions. This outstanding performance earned Adidas the prestigious Marketing Week Award for Content.


The impact of the campaign far surpassed expectations, as Adidas exceeded reach, advocacy, and sentiment targets by an impressive 120% compared to previous campaigns. By addressing a crucial issue and empowering young girls through education and appropriate products, Adidas not only achieved remarkable sales and media success but also made a significant positive impact on girls’ participation in sports worldwide.

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