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Ottokar Rosenberger, a former CMO, is now CEO of Rated People.

In his capacity as chief commercial officer 15 years ago, the former marketer helped the business flourish.

Ottokar Rosenberger, a former CMO, is now CEO of Rated People.


Ottokar Rosenberger, a former CMO, is now CEO of Rated People.

 After serving as the organization’s commercial director for 15 years, Ottokar Rosenberger is rejoining Rated People as its new CEO.

When Rosenberger joined the company in 2008, the online tradesperson marketplace was just getting started, he says, noting that he was just its 11th employee at the time. He quickly started putting a number of commercial initiatives into place that are still essential to the company today.


According to Rosenberger, the opportunity to work in the “entrepreneurial” world at the time was a major factor in how far his career advanced. “The brand, the PR, the paid search, the SEO, the commercial proposition, the consumer proposition, the rating system, all of it had to be built,” he says in an interview with Marketing Week.

After all this time, he considers his return to the business as an opportunity to “build on what I started” and says that his prior expertise provides him a head start in moving the business forward. It has undoubtedly expanded significantly since I left, but knowing how it functions is certainly helpful, he continues.


Rosenberger says the company is “very close to his heart” and that he is eager to “drive it forward” in the following phase of growth. Adrienne Minster, the CEO of Rated People at the moment, will take maternity leave.

Prior to accepting the CMO job at travel company Hostelworld Group, Rosenberger began his career at Procter & Gamble and later had marketing positions at BT, Rated People, eHarmony, and Betfair. He finally had the chance to take on the role of CEO of Dreamlines, a German travel company, where he oversaw the business during the Covid-19 pandemic.


In order to improve as a leader after leaving that position in August 2022, Rosenberger has spent the last ten months earning a coaching accreditation. He feels the course has helped him “learn more about myself” and reflect on his strengths and flaws.

He claims that his decision to rejoin Rated People is proof that you should never close a door after leaving a job. Make sure to maintain the relationships whenever you change careers or complete a job, he advises. “Be sure to leave it in a better condition than you found it. The public will recall that. Businesses will remember the person, and in this case with Rated People, I believe that is what has happened.

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