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Pizza Hut transforms a Twitch streamer into a ‘Ninja Turtle’ .

Pizza Hut is extending its collaboration with the latest “Ninja Turtles” movie to its well-established Twitch livestream series. As part of its “Mutant Mayhem” initiative, the brand is taking inspiration from the movie to transform a popular VTuber (virtual YouTuber) into the purple-masked Donatello, the “Turtles'” most avid gamer, as stated in the provided materials.

Pizza Hut transforms a Twitch streamer into a 'Ninja Turtle' .

VTubers, who utilize computer-generated avatars, have gained popularity on the Amazon-owned Twitch platform, which boasts an average of over 31 million daily visitors. This platform is particularly appealing for younger consumers who might be challenging to engage through conventional means. A previous instance of this virtual character phenomenon was witnessed when Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes collaborated with Twitch’s Brand Partnership Studio, resulting in the transformation of Tony the Tiger into an interactive VTuber.


This activation is integrated into Pizza Hut’s ongoing “Friday Night Bites” initiative, which initially launched on Twitch in November 2020. This move was in response to the increased demand for at-home entertainment due to pandemic-induced restrictions. The initial five episodes of the show garnered impressive viewership numbers, with each episode receiving more than 1 million live viewers. This collectively amounted to over 5.4 million total views and a total watch time exceeding 26 million minutes.


Although Twitch now competes for consumer attention with a variety of activities post-pandemic, it remains a valuable tool for brands seeking to connect with younger audiences. A pioneer in this approach, Chipotle adopted this strategy by offering free food as a viewer reward on the platform, while State Farm recently made a return to the platform with its second esports competition.


To engage viewers with the “Turtles”-themed livestream, the brand will introduce the “What the Hut Challenge,” a mini-game. In this challenge, the guest VTuber will attempt to guess an image as it is progressively unveiled by digitally removing pizza slices that are concealing the image. The speed at which the image is guessed will determine the rewards participants receive.


Continuing its collaboration with “Mutant Mayhem,” Pizza Hut’s latest “Friday Night Bites” livestream builds on the initiative that commenced with the “Underground Deliveries” campaign powered by text-based interactions in June. Beyond a co-branded TV advertisement, Pizza Hut’s presence will also be featured in various scenes as part of an integration within the movie. This campaign maintains the enduring relationship between the pizza chain and the iconic franchise.


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