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Scottish Water saved £355,000 via inducing behavioral change.

By establishing a connection between harm to Scotland’s natural landscapes and the act of flushing wipes down the toilet, Scottish Water not only successfully transformed consumer behavior but is also poised to achieve savings of £1.4 million in 2022.

Scottish Water saved £355,000 via inducing behavioral change.

Each day, Scotland faced the problem of 100 blocked sewers. For Scottish Water, the annual expense of clearing these sewers, often obstructed by wet wipes, amounted to £7 million.


Driven by concerns about the potential for raw sewage to flood homes, Scottish Water also aimed to raise awareness about the release of microplastics from wipes into beaches and rivers, causing harm to bird and marine life.


In collaboration with the agency Always Be Content, the water company crafted a campaign aimed at reducing sewer blockages, fostering brand trust, and rallying support for a ban on wipes containing plastic.


The ‘Nature Calls’ creative approach linked individual choices made at home with their impact on the environment, urging consumers to refrain from flushing wipes. The campaign visuals depicted wet wipes casting shadows resembling a whale’s tail, a seahorse, and fish.


Spread across cinema, radio, and outdoor platforms, with a focus on prominent slots on Channel 4 and Scottish Television, the campaign urged the people of Scotland to safeguard their nation’s natural beauty by participating in the effort to properly dispose of wipes. The television component was complemented by advertising efforts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and influencer collaborations.


The campaign gained traction on BBC and STV News, prompting Tesco and Boots to announce their decision to discontinue the sale of wipes containing plastic. Scottish Water observed a 10% rise in ad awareness, with 73% of those exposed to the advertisement recalling the crucial message of not flushing wipes down the toilet.


After three months since the campaign’s conclusion, sewer blockages registered a decrease of 20.3% compared to the 10-year average, translating to savings of £355,000 for Scottish Water. Recognized with the Marketing Week Award for Regulated Industries, Scottish Water is well on its way to achieving savings of £1.4 million in 2022.

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