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Snoop Dogg helps Jack in the Box and Corona relax for the summer.

Is there a “Snoopiverse,” as labeled by Jack in the Box in their press release? In the realm of brand marketing, the rapper’s presence often feels all-encompassing, and the summer of 2023 is no exception.

Snoop Dogg helps Jack in the Box and Corona relax for the summer.

While both Jack in the Box and Corona have chosen the same celebrity ambassador, they are demonstrating distinct approaches to harnessing an endorsement-rich brand ambassador. Snoop Dogg secured the fourth most sponsorships among musical artists in terms of deal volume last year, according to data from SponsorUnited.


Having maintained a long-standing partnership with the “Gin and Juice” rapper, Corona is capitalizing on Snoop’s widespread recognition and relaxed demeanor to increase awareness for a seasonal will-call program. As a beer brand distributed by Constellation Brands in the U.S., Corona has collaborated with MLB and Live Nation to provide consumers with the opportunity to win prizes when they purchase Corona products until August 15.


The Corona Will Call booth offers an array of rewards, including Live Nation Concert Cash, two MLB tickets for a chosen game, and travel vouchers for a three-day, two-night getaway to a preferred destination. This virtual platform is accessible both through the web and by scanning QR codes found on packaging, introducing a mobile element to the campaign.


On the other hand, Jack in the Box is harnessing Snoop’s celebrity influence for an offline strategy. The renovated restaurant spot in Inglewood, California, serves as a showcase for Snoop’s Munchie Meal, a customized meal option available nationwide that was introduced earlier this month. The trend of promoting the favorite orders of celebrities has become a widely used approach among fast food chains aiming to connect with younger consumer segments like Gen Z and generate buzz on social media.


While Snoop’s Munchie Meal is accessible to Jack in the Box patrons across the United States, the Dogg in tha Box pop-up experience comes with some distinct advantages. These include an exclusive Snoopadelic Shake included with each Munchie Meal purchase, vintage low riders that pay homage to Snoop’s history, and merchandise that carries a nostalgic ’90s theme and features joint branding. Moreover, the menu has been infused with Snoop’s unique style, as regular items have been given artist-inspired names (like Jalepenizzle Poppers and the D-O-Double-Jack, among others).


In a playful manner, Jack in the Box is also tapping into Snoop’s well-known affinity for cannabis. While the announcement doesn’t explicitly mention the substance, the term “munchies” being frequently used and the fact that the location is open 24/7 strongly suggest the connection. In the past, the chain introduced a “Jack’s Edible Assortments” campaign timed to coincide with 4/20, a popular occasion celebrating cannabis culture.

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