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Verizon and The Metropolitan Museum of Art collaborate to bring historical things to Roblox.

The collaboration results in the creation of a complimentary app named Replica, which allows consumers to download and use it to scan different artworks within the museum to generate digital collectibles.

Verizon and The Metropolitan Museum of Art collaborate to bring historical things to Roblox.

Museums have been investigating the integration of augmented reality (AR) technology to enrich the visitor experience for a while, but the partnership between Verizon and The Met presents a distinctive opportunity to bridge real-world encounters with the emerging metaverse. This move has the potential to keep The Met relevant among digitally native, younger consumers, while simultaneously offering Verizon a chance to establish a stronger connection with this demographic.


Max Hollein, The Met’s Marina Kellen French Director and CEO, remarked that Replica demonstrates The Met’s ambitious pursuit of educational initiatives that encourage enjoyable connections with art, both within the physical museum and the digital realm.


Each digital wearable acquired through the Replica app is inspired by The Met’s extensive collection of 1.5 million objects. A total of 37 artworks were chosen for this experience, including items such as a Japanese suit of armor from the early 14th to early 15th century and Vincent van Gogh’s straw hat depicted in his 1887 “Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat” artwork.


Visitors to The Met who have engaged with the Replica app can follow a series of hints displayed on an in-app digital map, which will lead them through various galleries and items spread across the museum. Once these designated items are scanned, they will be transformed into replica collectibles that can be transferred to Roblox and will be added to users’ inventories. Each Replica item also includes information about the history of the respective object.


The Roblox experience encompasses explorable environments, including a segment of The Met, in addition to enabling users to showcase their collected items in display cases resembling those found in museums. Users also have the opportunity to take photos within four dedicated photo booth spaces.


The creation and design of this experience were a collaborative effort involving the multidisciplinary company Unit9, Verizon, production and strategy company Ode to Joy, Roblox, and The Met. The promotion of the Replica offering will take place on social media platforms using the hashtag #TheMetReplica.


The development of Replica represents the latest collaborative project between the museum and Verizon. In 2021, these entities introduced “The Met Unframed,” a five-week program that allowed visitors to explore digital galleries and engage in games that unlocked augmented reality (AR) versions of the artworks, which could be virtually displayed at home.

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