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Wells Fargo Expands Partnership with Lava Controls in San Francisco to Integrate Visual Storytelling with Social Media.

Wells Fargo is strengthening its collaboration with Lava Controls to elevate their Social Media Experience Center located in their San Francisco hub. The enhanced center blends Wells Fargo Public Affairs’ narrative with projected, up-to-the-moment social media data and trends obtained from the Sprinklr platform.

Wells Fargo Expands Partnership with Lava Controls in San Francisco to Integrate Visual Storytelling with Social Media.

The cooperation between LAVA Controls and Wells Fargo initially commenced in 2014, aimed at projecting social media data to aid in managing situations such as outages or crises.


Through this partnership, Wells Fargo gains the ability to amplify discussions related to their brand, showcase precise real-time social data, and provide internal stakeholders with insights into channel effectiveness.


Throughout this partnership, the Wells Fargo Social Media Team based in San Francisco has underscored the significance of deriving valuable insights from ongoing real-time discussions on social platforms. Lava Controls offers the technological tools and expertise that enable the Wells Fargo Social Media Team to spotlight trends in social media, brand narratives, exclusive on-site viewing occasions, and other live meetings. This transformation has turned the Social Media Experience Center into a central hub for employees within the building, fostering collaboration, information sharing, and swift response capabilities to safeguard the brand’s reputation during sensitive situations. Additionally, it will increasingly serve as a crucial resource for deploying visual storytelling at the San Francisco office and facilitating the company’s experimentation with fresh concepts.


“We are excited that Wells Fargo has once again placed their trust in Lava Controls to enhance their Social Media Experience Center by incorporating more visual narratives. Our platform offers a convenient avenue for companies like Wells Fargo to swiftly gather customer insights, identify trends, and engage in real-time conversations while also fostering meaningful connections within the organization.” — Stephen Loeckle, CEO of Lava Controls


“As the significance of visual narratives continues to grow, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with companies in this manner to encourage more effective communication and meaningful relationships between businesses and their customers in the future.”



Lava Controls serves as a comprehensive destination for digital video display walls, delivering a fully managed and seamless end-to-end system that empowers marketers to effortlessly learn, utilize, and oversee their operations. The setup process is straightforward and hassle-free. Lava Controls stands out as the sole approved AV hardware partner that seamlessly integrates with Sprinklr’s Display product offering.


Lava Controls introduces the exclusive self-healing digital signage solution, providing comprehensive management and remote control over all media players and digital displays, eliminating concerns about awkward on-screen errors. The user-friendly interface, efficient hardware, and unwavering reliability empower busy marketing teams and organizational leaders to effectively manage their company’s messaging without the need for IT assistance.

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