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Hyundai’s Viking Adventure with the Santa Fe SUV

Setting the Stage: Vikings Take the Wheel

Hyundai’s new marketing move, the “Vikings” campaign, is making waves during the NFL conference championships. The campaign features a family of Vikings cruising through picturesque landscapes and enjoying the great outdoors in the Santa Fe SUV, all to the beat of Heart’s “Barracuda.”


Twist in the Tale: Modern Vikings in Action

The 60-second ad starts as a Viking adventure, but there’s a surprise – these aren’t ancient warriors; they’re modern folks having fun with medieval roleplay, thanks to the Santa Fe. A ringing phone call interrupts their fantasy, showing how easily real life can break into the Viking illusion.

Feature Showcase: What Makes the Santa Fe Stand Out

Hyundai’s plan includes various ads throughout the year, each highlighting specific features of the Santa Fe. From its all-wheel drive to roomy rear cargo space, convenient dual wireless charging, and versatile third-row seating – the Santa Fe is designed for different needs and situations.

Tough and Stylish: Meet the Santa Fe’s RTX Variant

The Viking theme emphasizes the Santa Fe’s toughness, especially with the RTX variant. With bigger tires and a lifted suspension, this model is ready to handle various terrains. It’s not just about performance; it’s about looking good while conquering the road.

Music Magic: The Heartbeat of Adventure

The campaign’s energy comes from the classic “Barracuda” by Heart. Though it doesn’t have a direct link to Vikings, its catchy beat adds excitement to the campaign, making it even more enjoyable.

Directors Behind the Magic: Speck and Gordon

The ads are brought to life by directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, known for their work on Geico’s Cavemen commercials. Their creative touch captures the beauty of outdoor scenes, making the Santa Fe look like the ultimate vehicle for adventure.

Team Effort: Innocean USA and Furlined in Action

Innocean USA, Hyundai’s agency, collaborates with production company Furlined to tell the Santa Fe story. Their teamwork ensures the ads align with Hyundai’s brand, showing the Santa Fe as a smart and adventurous choice.

Excitement from the Top: Angela Zepeda’s Take

Angela Zepeda, Hyundai Motor America’s Chief Marketing Officer, is thrilled about the campaign. She sees the Santa Fe as more than a car – it’s about embracing rugged adventures with clever features. The Viking family concept aims to connect with viewers during football’s big weekend, linking the SUV with the thrill of the outdoors.

Beyond TV: Reaching Audiences Everywhere

Hyundai’s plan goes beyond traditional advertising, including TV, radio, social media, and digital platforms. The agency Canvas handles media buys to ensure the “Vikings” campaign reaches a wide audience. There are also plans for events around upcoming sports games, adding to the brand’s visibility.

Perfect Timing: Hyundai’s Play during Playoff Season

Launching during the NFL playoffs is a smart move for Hyundai. With rising NFL ratings, they aim to grab attention during the final games. Interestingly, the Super Bowl lacks many car brands this year, giving Hyundai’s creative and unique approach a chance to shine.

In a Nutshell: Hyundai’s Viking Fantasy Ride

To sum up, Hyundai’s “Vikings” campaign for the Santa Fe is a unique adventure. By blending Viking fantasy with the modern Santa Fe, Hyundai creates an entertaining and relatable story. As the campaign rolls out, it aims to leave a lasting impression, associating the Hyundai Santa Fe with the joy of exploration and unexpected adventures. Hyundai’s diverse marketing approach, showcasing the SUV’s cool features, puts them in the driver’s seat as a standout in the competitive automotive world.

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